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2026 Wall Street
Vancouver, BC

604 754 7383

We are Gamla, a contemporary object design and small scale manufacturing studio located in Vancouver, Canada. You'll find the best book of ra online casino here, you have time to get it! We handcraft sophisticated furniture, conceptual objects, and physical brand experience for select clients.

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What started as a means for its founder, Brent Freedman, to pursue a number of creative interests, Gamla aims to consistently explore and create while challenging traditional design and manufacturing in North America. We won’t make for the sake of making and we are always working on developing new techniques, processes and strategies so that Gamla will ultimately become a design studio for the future. It's our duty as designers, and as a small business, to be the change we want to see in the way consumer goods are manufactured, the way design studios operate, and the way our generation navigates this new world.


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Our Story



We are a contemporary object design studio that was, up until recently, based in Vancouver, Canada. What started in 2013 as a means to pursue a number of ideas has grown into a relentless hunt for perfection, simplicity, and one-of-a-kind experiences. After over a year filled with big-name clients and rapid growth, we decided to make a leap in a different direction: We moved everything to Bowen Island

Our small studio is comprised of the founder, Branch (design, vision, manufacturing), Robin (brand, community), Gimli (our dog), and a group of dedicated craftspeople who help us produce handcrafted objects made with the ultimate in care, and who love doing it as much as we do. 

Everything that leaves this studio is something special to us and we can't help but feel that ends up as an extension of the work we produce: It adds a bit of soul to our products that wouldn't be there otherwise. We pride ourselves in making only what we are able to, resulting in the highest quality objects made with experience and care. 

We're setting out to change things in our own way and this is how we're going to do it, in our very small corner of the universe.


In addition to custom projects for select clients, we also maintain a line of meticulously handcrafted furniture and lifestyle objects. Our small-scale production allows for an obsessively careful attention to detail, and makes way for innovative design in all of our lifetime objects.


Inspired by our Welsh Terrier, Gimli, this is our ever-expanding line of high quality objects for the canine in your home. All of our Gimli products are designed and handcrafted in Canada for Gimli, with Gimli in mind.


Part A (2013)

Gamla is about more than design, and more than just the making of objects;
Gamla is about experience, about building in the community, about finding joy in the everyday.
We believe in collaboration, in conversation, in building relationships over a common project and goal.
We believe in small production resulting in objects that are made and handled with care.
We believe in relentless perfection.
We believe in simplicity; in making beautiful things for nice people.
We believe in craftsmanship; in discipline.
We believe in long lasting objects that won’t need replacing.
We disagree with unnecessary consumerism, and believe in owning fewer things of the highest quality.
We won’t make only to satisfy an artificially created need.
We believe that our environment should be in harmony with our objects.
We believe in quality, and finding a delicate balance between form and function.
We expect nothing short of greatness, and pour pride into our business, into our community, into our projects.
We are restless, and expect to always explore, make and create.
We aim to inspire and have fun.
We believe in change, and that we will gradually, continuously grow.
We don’t know where we’re going to end up—we’re not even close to knowing—but the journey is the process: We’re not going to know until we get there.
We know this is only the beginning.
We believe in these things. Let’s see where we go together.
We are Gamla.


Sustainability is integral to our both the objects we produce and the business we run. We pride ourselves in developing new techniques, processes and strategies so that we may meet our target to ultimately transform Gamla into a truly sustainable business. Sustainability is not something we take lightly — we are passionate about design and believe that it is our duty as designers, and as a small business, to be the change we want to see in the way consumer goods are manufactured.

Materials: Sustainably-Forested Woods: We use locally sourced, renewable materials native to North America. Whenever possible, we use recyclable + biodegradable materials.

Finishes: Hand-rubbed natural oils and wax finishes: No VOC, natural protective finishes from cheese extracts for durability. Incredibly strong natural epoxy made from peanut extract.

Waste: Recycle, reduce and re-purpose most of our scraps in secondary projects. Our sawdust is used for garden compost. We consume as little material, and energy in our manufacturing as possible.

Local + Lasting: We produce non disposable, long lasting products, made locally by hand in British Columbia, Canada.

Community: We believe sustainability also involves contributing to a thriving community. This means local jobs with liveable wages, community improvement projects (unsolicited improvements to community infrastructure) and simply contributing wherever we see possible.

Get Better: We are always learning new ways to become more sustainable. Do you have an idea or partnership possibility? Get in touch and make a suggestion!


We’ve been teaming up with friends, strangers, business owners, creatives (basically anyone who wants to) on our newest experiment, one that is central to everything Gamla stands for.

Gamla was founded with a commitment to endless experimentation, a focus on sustainability, and the idea of building within our community; and so Make Dates was born. It’s dead simple in concept: each week, we take a portion of our sales to fund an “unsolicited improvement” and collaborative project within the community we (or our collaborator) reside. Meaning, that we (Brent and Robin, mainly) will go on a “date” with another person from the community to make something better within that community, one small act at a time.

Who are these people and what happens during the Make Date? The beauty of this project is that each will be completely different from the others, but the mandate remains – to perform several small acts that may evoke positive change within our community. But we’re also realistic and aren’t after anything grandiose – we simply see an opportunity to use our business as a platform to improve our surroundings while having fun and meeting new people while doing it!

This is an evolving experiment and we expect that it will change over time, but the way we see it is that there will always be an opportunity to make something better, to improve on what has been left behind. We’ve only just begun, but are already seeing such positive changes that we can’t see when it will end.

Are you interested in going on a Make Date with Gamla? Sure, we’re more than game. Shoot us an email and let’s go on a #makedate.