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2026 Wall Street
Vancouver, BC

604 754 7383

We are Gamla, a contemporary object design and small scale manufacturing studio located in Vancouver, Canada. We handcraft sophisticated furniture, conceptual objects, and physical brand experience for select clients.

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What started as a means for its founder, Brent Freedman, to pursue a number of creative interests, Gamla aims to consistently explore and create while challenging traditional design and manufacturing in North America. We won’t make for the sake of making and we are always working on developing new techniques, processes and strategies so that Gamla will ultimately become a design studio for the future. It's our duty as designers, and as a small business, to be the change we want to see in the way consumer goods are manufactured, the way design studios operate, and the way our generation navigates this new world.


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Sleek, sculptural and simple, with enough elegance to please a more traditional eye.” 
— Western Living Magazine

Meticulously designed and flexible enough to accompany both contemporary and more traditional spaces, our S2 Dining Chair is “sleek, sculptural and simple, with enough elegance to please a more traditional eye.” Precision is what separates this chair from any other. A unique focal point, the S2's signature curved ribbed back is perfect in measurement, proportion, layout and angle so that each chair is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. With every element taken into consideration, the 180 degree bentwood back is a seamless element of the structure allowing for a clean line and form, forcing nothing short of precise craftsmanship and detail that will inevitably last a lifetime. Made of solid sustainably harvested walnut, this modernist chair is both functional and sculptural, making for a piece that will evolve in any home.

The S2 Dining Chair was selected for the new Canadian Consulate in London, England.


"Constructed exclusively from North American hardwoods such as walnut and white oak, sanded to such a silky finish that the objects seem to oscillate in space. Articulated with flourishes of brass, every object has a resonance." 
— MONTECRISTO magazine

Every component is celebrated and no detail is left unnoticed in our L1 Floor Lamp. Serving as the focal point, the solid brass rod is illuminated by a row of warm LEDs, creating a deceptively simple yet magical visual effect as the light reflects on the brass surface.  The end result is a sculptural light form, shaped by the bare essentials for a minimal and cinematic result.

Our lighting collection is custom produced for individual spaces. Please get in touch for purchasing and more information.


An occasional table design that is minimal and modern yet familiar enough for more traditional settings, our T5 Coffee/Side Table Series finds a delicate balance between form and function. Serving as a temporary place for all the usual trappings found in a modern home — knick-knacks, coasters, remote controls, magazines, candy, etc. — the T5 embraces the challenge. Floating along a solid brass rail track below a thick glass tabletop, the delicately-carved storage trays are integrated into the design of the table, rather than hidden in a bulky drawer or flat plane. Limitless in design, each tray is customizable and modular, moving freely between the tables or easily removed to be used as serving trays on the tabletop.

An original approach to the storage dilemma of the modern, minimal lifestyle, all unnecessary elements are stripped away from this design, leaving only a simple, sturdy and modern form.


A sculptural and modern design with a timeless appeal, our S3 Lounge Chair finds its power though subtle details. Meticulously handcrafted, each chair is precisely engineered to highlight its unique wrap-around solid walnut or white oak frame and flawless joinery. The result is ultimately one clean, uninterrupted line. With solid brass arm inlays and a solid brass rod back support, the S3’s profile is light and airy from any angle, making this piece a quiet focal point in any space.


ODBLOCKS are truly odd blocks. Made from several one-of-a-kind shapes that uniquely join together, Odblocking comes with no rules — stack 'em, jig 'em together, or keep them on your bookshelf or mantel for display. All blocks are meticulously handcrafted from solid walnut off-cuts and finished with all natural, food-safe oils, making ODBLOCKS fun, safe and sustainable, too! 

A toy for your favourite kid or a sculptural piece for your home, each set includes 9 blocks, a stamped canvas bag, and box marking your edition and block set number.  

*Created in limited edition runs of 10 sets.


A sculptural, floating light-form meant to create a cinematic aura in a modern space, the L2 Pendant Light is a subtly powerful light source ideal for any space. Diffused by frosted panels, warm LEDs are inset within a solid walnut or white oak frame, resulting in a vibrant directional light. Using only high-quality steel hardware, each pendant is fully adjustable to allow the form to be suspended at any length up to 15′. Each end of the frame is adorned with a sturdy solid brass cap, making the piece an object to be admired from all perspectives. A simple and unique approach to ambient lighting, the L2 is especially suited to dining areas. 

Our lighting collection is custom produced for individual spaces. Please get in touch for purchase and more information.


Designed for modern life in an urban centre, our T4 All Purpose Table is meant to be a gathering point in the home, a place to eat, work and entertain. Meticulously handcrafted from sustainably harvested black walnut and ash hardwood, featuring a mixed hardwood trap door for routing all electronic cables, this table keeps your workspace tidy and organised. The sculptural tripod legs are uniquely designed to be minimal in appearance while remaining strong and secure, making the T4 a desirable table for any modern space.

Spread out for work during the day, clear it off and have dinner or drinks, and when not in use, the T4 Dining Table is a modern, beautiful centrepiece in your home.


One clean line leads to another. Every angle, every profile, perfectly shaped and proportioned for both style and ergonomics. The S4 Dining Chair is a sturdy, minimal design with the structure treated as a whole system — each component seamlessly flows with no unnecessary flourishes. This precision forces nothing short of meticulous craftsmanship and detailing that will inevitably last a lifetime. Made of solid sustainably-harvested walnut with optional solid brass inlays, this modernist chair is both functional and minimal, making for a piece that will evolve in any home.

o1 Floating Shelf

The minima design of our O1 floating shelf allows it to seemingly float securely on a wall, making for an unobtrusive piece that is at once sleek and functional while remaining elegant enough for the most classic eye. Using only the finest of materials, this space-saving beauty is made from sustainably harvested walnut or white oak hardwood with solid brass rod supports, featuring innovative joinery techniques that minimize all unnecessary bulk from the design. Limitless in design, the O1 shelf can be customized with a number of different modules and sizing.

Our floating shelf is custom produced for individual spaces with a number of module options. Please get in touch for more information.


Simple, sturdy and elegant. All of our cutting blocks and serving trays are  handcrafted from sustainably harvested walnut or eastern maple, making them an ideal addition to any kitchen for cutting and serving. All kitchen boards are finished with a blend of 100% natural, food safe oils and beeswax.